About Us


It seems that one of the most beautiful and significant attributes given to the Prophet of Islam by Allah Almighty is “Rahmatan lil Alamin” mercy for all existents. The Prophet of Islam is introduced as the manifestation of Divine Mercy for all beings in every place and in every time.
On the other hand, in the Qur’an, Prophet Muhammad (saww) has been regarded as role model for Muslims, which means that a Muslim must, in every aspect of their life, try to follow the model of the Prophet of Islam.

It is beyond doubt that one of the most important instances of mercy and the love in Islam and the Prophet of Islam would be promoting mercy in the Islamic World and strengthening the empathy and unity among various Islamic schools. Hereupon, a number of cultural activists following the Prophet of Mercy intended to set up the “International Cultural Center of Rahmatun lil Alamin” in order to promote the spirit of kindness and brotherhood among various Islamic groups.


Our Perspective

Our main goals in Rahmatun lil Alamin Center are as follows:

  • Creating an atmosphere of empathy among scholars and thinkers of the Muslim world
  • Strengthening cooperation between cultural institutions to observe and resolve the problems of the Islamic Ummah
  • Scientific and cultural cooperation among universities and academic institutions of the Islamic world


Organizational Structure

Academic Forums
Cultural Council
Conferences and Ceremonies
Deputy of Service and Communications
Deputy of Islamic Art
Deputy of Islamic Economics
Vice President of Interfaith Dialogue
Board members
Founding Board
Research Deputy
Faculty members
Deputy Administrative Officer